Thursday, May 21, 2009


I sat down to think what I shall gift you


May be, your portrait

Made on a blank canvass with the rainbow

Reflecting your essence and glow




May be, a heavenly drape

Made out of god’s own satin

To drape you, the Venus of Latin




May be, a jewel

Made form the light of the stars

To adorn your visage and heal your scars




May be, some chocolates

Made from devil’s own beans

For you to savor whenever you feel lean  




I know what to give you

A song from the core of my heart

For you to listen and your soul to think

And for your eyes to see what slowly sinks.  

p.s: Hey friends, sorry for this delay between posts. Hope you all are fine and haven't lost interest in my obscure blog. By the way I have also posted on my other blog,  Limit is Limitless ... I think it should be a fun read. 


Jinxed Pixie said...

...and you're back!

I'd been wondering where you'd been off to.

And this post is great! really!

Tia said...

I am glad you are back..! :)

"A song from the core of my heart For you to listen and your soul to think And for your eyes to see what slowly sinks."

B'ful gift!

Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

Som said...

@Jinxed: Yes I am back ... thanks to all of you .. I had to come back :)

If you want to know where have I been off to ... check out my other blog .. Limit is Limitless .. you will get a glimpse for sure ..


Som said...

@Tia/Sophie: Hey the last line you put in was stellar ... Thanks for saying that !! :)

Preeti said...

wow !! can a comeback post be better than this poem ...i simply loved it ...

with rainy season and all those clouds floating ..and a poem like this day is made ..

Tia said...

Your welcome! :)

Som said...

@Preeti: Talking about rain .. it rained cats and dogs here too ... Well it is nice to know that a poem written by me can make someone's day.

This poem was written as a Birthday Gift for someone ... :)

Som said...

@Tia: Please don't mention ... talking about welcome !! few days back an American friend of mine asked me how we responded to a thank you in hindi ... do we have word for welcome to convey that meaning ??!

Aw.S.M said...

Swell stuff bro..brilliant comeback entry.

U know you are one of very few poets whos poems i enjoy inspite of you not following a particular rhyming scheme.

Keep it coming bro ;-)


Gautam Anand said...

Different.. n I am happy tht u r back with ur poetic self..

VJ Sophie said...


Som said...

@Amit: Thank You ... brother !! I will surely keep it coming but which portion of the poem did you like the most ?!

Som said...

@Gautam: Haha .. well frankly this was written few months back ...

You said Different ... what do you mean ?! Elucidate ...

Som said...

@Tia: Even I was dumbfounded and couldn't find a word .. I thought there might be but I must be missing it due to my great command over our National language !!!

Jagjit said...

Nice. Very :) Kept wondering what's the gift you are going to disclose and it was a song as beautiful as this poem. :)


Don't worry about the delay..because we were waiting for this excellent gift.
wonderful stuff.

Som said...

Thank You Jagjit ... !!

Som said...

MIP: I don't about the delays, I worry about going dormant ... Its really bad to be away from Blog spot .. but life is such.