Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Story Untold....

Long time since I posted rather this is my first post this Year; so Happy New year. Hope you have all broken your resolutions by now. I was contemplating what to write in my first post this year. In the end I have put up the new song I have written. It took me almost a year to come with a new song but the wait was worth..I think so...


It started as a fairytale
and ended in a cry;
The touch of her lips
the smile in his eyes.

He thought she was the one
she thought he was the life;
The warmth of his breath
the love in her eyes.


They traveled through the storms
they traveled through the fires
Their paths were different,
But love lasted more than a life.......

Life is just not as simple
the way they believed it was;
They weren't meant to be
the universe conspired.

Will she ever forget him
will he ever those eyes;
The sweet sound of love
the moments of desire.