Thursday, May 21, 2009


I sat down to think what I shall gift you


May be, your portrait

Made on a blank canvass with the rainbow

Reflecting your essence and glow




May be, a heavenly drape

Made out of god’s own satin

To drape you, the Venus of Latin




May be, a jewel

Made form the light of the stars

To adorn your visage and heal your scars




May be, some chocolates

Made from devil’s own beans

For you to savor whenever you feel lean  




I know what to give you

A song from the core of my heart

For you to listen and your soul to think

And for your eyes to see what slowly sinks.  

p.s: Hey friends, sorry for this delay between posts. Hope you all are fine and haven't lost interest in my obscure blog. By the way I have also posted on my other blog,  Limit is Limitless ... I think it should be a fun read.