Friday, December 28, 2007


My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I have being thinking of putting this post for the last few weeks, but exams and all. Coming straight to the point, first I will go to the string of incident which compelled me to think into this matter. I was rushing through the crowded streets of Ranchi to keep with an appointment, when suddenly I saw, traffic being stopped and some commotion taking place. When I enquired about it... It was a incident of road rage turned ugly, a man traveling on a scooter got down and smashed the wind screen of the car coming from behind after some argument. And after that when I started observing, it was almost taking place every where only the dimensions and repercussions were different. But it was there, from a fight at the traffic signal between people in the same car!! To incidents of auto rickshaw drivers fighting for passengers. Leave the street, standing in the line at INOX , in the mess to In cricket (Sreesanth..). It is every where and it is not just confined to some region, community or class of people. It seems intolerance has become our alter ego. Why is it so , are people so frustrated with their life. We say India is growing and every body is reaping its benefits then why this discontent. This we are seeing in the land of Gandhigiri. People are just not arguing but they are getting aggressive and that too on such trivial issues. I was appalled, only cure I see is opening up "Fight Clubs"....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

PHILOSOPHY is CONCERNED with Two Matters :

SOLUBLE Thoughts that are TRIVIAL & CRITICAL Questions That are INSOLUBLE.

Monday, November 12, 2007

On the Nature of LOVE

We humans try to attain perfection in everything. Say if we have a job in a firm, we try to go for a better firm which may be giving us a better paycheck or a better job profile. If say we are an author then first I start with a small publisher but then if my work is really good and appreciated then I look for bigger names to publish my work. Why ??
Because that is rational, If I am really good I should try to attain my potential to the fullest extent. Again for objective or some may say materialistic things too we try to attain the things which are better than the things we have, like a better Car, a bigger house etc etc. Here too we try to attain the highest we can achieve BUT yes here comes the BUT. Why do we compromise when it comes to emotions and the the greatest of all emotions LOVE.
Yes, if at a point of time we have girlfriend/boyfriend and meet somebody new, whom we know from the core of our heart would be better for us ( it is just not the other person is more beautiful or say has a better bank balance, successful etc etc, but the whole thing; I hope you understand) but we still persist and why ??!! Shouldn't we try to attain perfection here too ??! Why double standards ?? We make our selves believe that the person with which we are now is the best, putting a veil of ignorance on our eyes or even worse; we think "what will my present partner feel, no no I can't hurt her/him". Hey, do we feel bad for the firm we leave to join another or for the shopkeeper whose shop we have stopped visiting since Reliance Fresh opened in my locality ??!
No !! Then why for the case when it deals with human emotions. Why can't we think every thing as an object, If the person I am leaving is really a rational being she/he will understand and herself/himself look for their soul mate. I believe every person has a soul mate and it is up to us to find, most of us don't so we die dis-satisfied.
On this nature of love even Rabindranath Tagore has written a poem. The nature is such that one we get we say him/her to be the one but we just don't know how many better were and are there still waiting.

On the Nature of Love

The night is black and the forest has no end;
a million people thread it in a million ways.
We have trysts to keep in the darkness, but where
or with whom - of that we are unaware.
But we have this faith - that a lifetime's bliss
will appear any minute, with a smile upon its lips.
Scents, touches, sounds, snatches of songs
brush us, pass us, give us delightful shocks.
Then peradventure there's a flash of lightning:
whomever I see that instant I fall in love with.
I call that person and cry: `This life is blest!
for your sake such miles have I traversed!'
All those others who came close and moved off
in the darkness - I don't know if they exist or not.

Friday, October 5, 2007


The title is one of Bob Dylan's most famous song. "All Along the Watchtower" . The Song has got pretty intriguing lyrics. The song has been covered by many of Dylan's famous contemporaries as well as juniors. Jimmy Hendrix, U2, Dave Matthews, Niel Young to name a few. Here I have tried to decipher what Dylan wanted to say or most likely what it meant to me....

"There must be some way out of here," said the joker to the thief,
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."

"No reason to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

The world compromises of three kinds of people the Jokers, Thieves and the also ran. Off all kind of men the most sure of themselves are the thieves, also ran fears them where as also ran laugh at the jokers. Joker for the also ran is one who works hard but to see his work to be laundered. Also ran laugh at jokers as they think joker is a joke as he is working his butt off and gets nothing. So the joker is disillusioned seeing that his fruits are being enjoyed by all and sundry. Thieves for also ran are the ones who get a lot of wealth but they can't understand how, so they banish them by calling them thieves. The atlases of the world are the Jokers and the Thieves. Jokers and the Thieves are the two sides of the same coin Thieves become jokers if they give in and allow themselves to be exploited. But then The PRINCE (GOD) is watching from the watchtower upon all the women and the men, and no ones deeds will go unheeded long as the prince looks ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Tribute to NERUDA...

First and foremost LENNON will be back soon.. as soon as he gets a new inspiration, so for the time being I put forward a poem by one of my favorite Poet, PABLO NERUDA .....

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

I do not love you except because I love you;
I go from loving to not loving you,
From waiting to not waiting for you
My heart moves from cold to fire.

I love you only because it's you the one I love;
I hate you deeply, and hating you
Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

Maybe January light will consume
My heart with its cruel
Ray, stealing my key to true calm.

In this part of the story I am the one who
Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you,
Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John lenon is BACK

This is one of the first songs I wrote and Composed. As usual a love song.

Get Around:

love was a word undefined
thought i won't ever feel it inside
never thought i would ..find the one
the one and only person inside

But when she left me saying it all
i can't help but only cry and fall
the only love the one i had found
but it was too late to get around.....

her eyes said she loved me & i loved her too
but we went apart for reasons we knew
the reasons i could never fathom
the reasons left me dry and home

But when... chorus

i know she won't ever come back
because she listens to her grey not red
but to this day i want her back
i could not get her out of my heart or head

But when...chorus

Sunday, May 13, 2007


What is being practical... is it different for different people .....

The Evaluation of an action as 'Practical' , depends on what it is one wishes to Practice