Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because She is a woman ...

A girl was born in the dark of the night,
A Curse she is, they said;
But with a twinkle in her eyes and
Spring in her steps; she conquered all the States.

A girl was born in the afternoon heat,
A Burden she is, they said;
But with a smile like the Sun and
A heart of Gold; she relieved all the pains.

A Girl is born, to be a Woman,
Not your whore or bitch;
Give her a chance to win your heart,
Not a stick and a sneer.

Because she is a Woman … 

PS: Two years back I on the occasion on Woman's day I wrote an ode to women.

It got some great reviews and I think it would be hard to raise the bar. So for this year I thought lets write something which supplements My Ode to Women .... Hope it meets your expectations. :D

A Happy Woman's Day ....

Friday, March 4, 2011

What if I am not Lucid ?!

Indeed we need, to do a special deed ...
to be part of the creed, that sows the Seed,
But when the question is the Answer ...
and the Answer is to breed,
What to do, if I am not Lucid ?!