Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Yes !!

Well it has been some time since I last posted, another song to break the silence. The song can be typified as the "she" love songs we have in plenty.

disclaimer: The song has got nothing to do with the writer's personal life, any similarity comprehended is purely coincidental.

Oh, Yes !!

Has innocence but not simple

Is proud but not arrogant

Has confidence but not brash

She is never too rash….

Oh Yes!! She is the girl, I have been waiting for.

Oh Yes!! She is the one, I have been running for.

Oh Yes!! She is my friend and I am blessed.

Has a smile but not a laugh

Is a song but not a rhyme

Has attitude but not rude

She is never crude….


Has never broken or followed any rules

Cares like a mother and fights like a bull

Has a child within but is a woman too

There isn’t a thing she can’t do…


Has a light you can feel but never hold

Is demure but can be bold

Have eyes full of answers but questions too

She is an Angel and one day will fly through.


gaurav said...

great one... similarities are bound to exist :P

FlotsaM said...
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FlotsaM said...

great one... similarities are bound to exist :P

Som said...

Thats true .. similarities are bound to exist and as they say.. what one writes is some how the reflection (and also might might have been refracted, superimposed etc) of onrs life...

and as a friend of mine once quoted.. trust the tale not the teller.. :)

Gautam Anand said...

I am not too much into english songs.. but viewing from a poet's perspective.. it's sweet and simple...I have one question just out of curosity.. Do u try fiting ur songs on some melody??

Som said...

well it not a hard and fast rule.. I do it whatever comes naturally at a point of time...

At times I may have a tune and a theme and I write lyrics accordingly.. or may be I have a line or poem and then I try to devise a tune for it..

smita said...

i liked it. it's really sweet and yes, must say a typical "she" song.