Saturday, August 9, 2008

To err is human to forgive is divine....

A post a day, keeps the frustration away....

Technology can rend, as well as sew... what it does..depends on you..

Neither Sindbad nor Starbuck ....

The sailor was on his way again
He had resolved last time, he won’t bear the pain
But he failed himself and ventured into the ocean
He had to in order to reach his destination.

He was sailing smoothly, the weather was great
But a Chimera made him fret
Then came the sudden gust of wind
And the ship lost rudder, compass and sail
And no way can now the imminent rescind.

What went wrong, he couldn’t fathom
Was it the ship he had chosen?
As it caused the Hell to be frozen
Or was it his Friend, his Mate
No, it was his Haste.

He is shipwrecked and will drown soon
He will be reborn again one afternoon
Because his journey to Itahaca is not complete
And his soul won’t rest till he finds his Zahir.

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