Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John lenon is BACK

This is one of the first songs I wrote and Composed. As usual a love song.

Get Around:

love was a word undefined
thought i won't ever feel it inside
never thought i would ..find the one
the one and only person inside

But when she left me saying it all
i can't help but only cry and fall
the only love the one i had found
but it was too late to get around.....

her eyes said she loved me & i loved her too
but we went apart for reasons we knew
the reasons i could never fathom
the reasons left me dry and home

But when... chorus

i know she won't ever come back
because she listens to her grey not red
but to this day i want her back
i could not get her out of my heart or head

But when...chorus


peeyush said...

som...the song is really nice. it's meaningful, sequential and i'm sure straight from your heart. it is for someone special. looking forward to hear you play and sing, live....unless you have to start the 'mukhda' upteenth time

Som said...

will try not to start the mukhda umpteenth the way...even I would like to see it being made and recorded ....

ankita anand said...

thought of a tune yet?
and why the long break?

Manjusha said...

What makes John Lenon come back, expresses once and again goes back to labyrinth.? We want to hear more from him.

Som said...

The Tune is ready... it just needs some intro riffs..and solos in between... By the grace of my powerful high..I hope to record the thing by the end of 2007 :)